Expecting a Baby? Congratulations!!!!

Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime.

Choosing a Medical Home for your Family:

Please call us and schedule a free “Meet Your Provider Visit”.  It can be helpful  to tour our office, meet the staff, speak with a provider, and ask questions about our office and philosophies before your first real appointment.  We appreciate the opportunity to guide you through the first steps on how to become a member of our large family!

When You Deliver:

Upon arrival at the hospital, they will ask for information on your Pediatrician. You can either tell them the name of the provider you plan to follow with, or just say Kidz1st Pediatrics and they will contact us. We round at Beaumont-Troy and Crittenton Hospital.
Each day you are in the hospital one of our physicians will examine your baby, monitor for jaundice, discuss feeding, and follow any screening tests or other procedures which are performed in the hospital.
On the day of discharge, we will let you know when your baby needs the first appointment. (Usually 1-3 days after discharge). 
If you deliver at a hospital we don’t round on, a staff Pediatrician will examine and care for your baby. When you are discharged home, you can call our office to schedule your first appointment with us 2 days later, or next day if so recommended.

Your First Office Visit with Your Newborn:

Please make your first appointment as the discharge pediatrician recommends. Bring with you:
  • All paperwork from the hospital, including hearing screen results and immunization record.
  • Insurance information (often only parents' insurance is available at this first visit).
  • New patient documents

Lactation Consultations:

We have a lactation counselor available to help and assist you once baby is born during visits to our office. All hospitals have helpful nurses and lactation consultants available to you for breastfeeding advice and encouragement immediately after delivery. They will be a wonderful source of information and education.

Thank you for choosing Kidz1st!