Parents Resources

If you would like additional information regarding childhood immunizations, the ages and descriptions of each vaccine - please access our immunizations page.  Additional information regarding Kidz1st practices and our Vaccine Policy can be found under Forms & Policies.

There is a lot of information on the web and out in the world regarding health, children and parenting.  If you seek trusted resources used and appreciated by Kidz1st pediatricians - please access our Book Recommendation page.  You'll find resources on everything from infants to teens, toddler tantrums to potty training to sleep habits, nutrition and teen sexuality. Here is a list of our recommeded books. 

Kidz1st has also collected many helpful resources for parents on both local, state and national websites.  Please use our "Trusted APP & Websites" button to locate helpful information and the latest news about pediatric care and community/public health.