ADHD/Behavioral Medicine

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder that affects the behavior, attention, and learning of children.  ADHD is a chronic disorder with therapy ranging from behavioral modifications to treatment with medication. 

Once a diagnosis is made, regular monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment is important. Frequent communication between the teacher, parents and health care provider is necessary to ensure optimal treatment and success for the child.
At Kidz1st Pediatrics, once medication management is established, office visits every 3-6 months will be done. At these visits, valid follow up questionnaires completed by your child’s teacher and parent will be reviewed to help identify response to therapy, any side effects of medication as well as any other concerns. When medication is being changed, more frequent follow up may be necessary. 

Since the medication used for ADHD is a controlled substance, a maximum of 30 days of treatment may be administered at a time.  The prescriptions must be picked up in the office as e-prescribing and calling in prescriptions is not warranted for controlled substances. Approximately 4-5 days prior to needing a new prescription, Kidz1st requires a phone call from the parent expressing need of a new prescription as well as a status update.

We strive to treat and manage our patients with evidence based research recommendations. The internet provides a vast amount of anecdotal and non-research based material regarding ADHD.  The websites below offer evidence based information regarding ADHD. Please refer to them for more information.

Helpful Websites

Healthy Children - A website presented by the American Academy of Pediatrics: Articles on ADHD
CHADD - A National Resource Center on ADHD

Book Recommendation
ADHD - What Every Parent Needs to Know by Michael L. Reiff