Well Visits

To keep your children healthy, it is important to bring them for regular checkups. Please call our office several weeks in advance so you may choose the date that best fits your needs. We also offer evening and Saturday morning well exams.

We follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics for periodic well child visits to monitor the growth and development of your child. Our providers will perform a complete history and physical exam including feeding, nutrition, developmental, behavioral/education assessment and anticipatory guidance.

Beginning at 6 months of age we offer a special vision test called a VEP - or Vision Evoked Potential.  The test is conducted without requiring the child to interact with us. The computerized test will do all the work! It is quick and reliable. This test helps us detect abnormal developments in vision, and allows us to start treatment early instead of having to wait until they are 4 or 5 years old and are able to complete a regular vision test.
Beginning at age three, we include blood pressure screening, and at four we start annual vision and hearing screens.
We follow the CDC guidelines on childhood vaccinations. Immunizations are important not only for your child's health, but for the health of other children and for the community as a whole.

Because we are firm believers and proponents of literacy, we participate with the national program “Reach out and Read” which helps us give age and culture appropriate new books to all our kids between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old during each well visit exam . Because we wanted to be able to offer a book to every child that came through our office, we created the “Recycled Reader Program”. This lets any child choose an age appropriate book on their way out. 

To make the visit more efficient and of shorter duration, please go to our portal and fill out the forms designated by the age of your child. If it is easier for you, you can also print the forms, fill them out at home and bring them with you to the visit.

Express Well Exams 

We will soon be providing “Express Well exams”. These "special" appointment times will be offered during evening hours trying to help our working parents and anyone who wants to complete the required "information forms" ahead of time - at home. This will not only expedite your visit, but it will give you more time and focus when answering all those important questions about your child.

These visit will have the following requirements:
  • The questionnaires should be filled out through our portal, and be ready for us the day before. This will allow the staff to get all your child’s information ready before you come. If these are not received the day before the appointment the visit will be canceled.
  • If there are any forms that you will need filled out for your child, please bring them with you, and fill out the questions intended for parents/child. If those are not filled out, we cannot give them to you the day of the visit. If you don’t have the forms with you, you can print them out from our form section.
The goal with this format is to have everything ready for when you come to the office, have the nurse do anticipatory guidance and education, and the providers examine your child while the nurses prepare the vaccines if any are needed. 

Kidz1st Ready! - We are your Prepared Providers

When you schedule a well exam for your child, we will be your child’s expert the minute you arrive!
The day before your scheduled visit, your provider will:
  • Review your child’s chart and be updated on all data we have on your child
  • If since your last visit, your child has seen a specialist or had any test done, we will make sure that information is available and reviewed before we see you. 
  • Review the vaccines and determine which ones will be recommended.
This process allows us to call for any information that we may be missing before you come, or ask you to bring information you may have from outside care. We will also have the recommended procedures for that visit for you to approve when you come in. That will make your time with the provider highly effective!

We do not accept patients that are not vaccinated as per the CDC requirements into our practice unless medically indicated.